Maybe you’re relocating for a job, starting a new family, or just ready for a change. Scouring Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for cheap movers can be exhausting and full of horror stories. Sometimes, finding reliable friends and family members to help can be just as tough.

Cruz Moves believes that everyone deserves a stress-free move. There are no exceptions for not providing an excellent experience for our customers.

However, we also believe that a move should be done at a fair rate, and that our customers should decide what pricing method works best for them.


We offer two pricing models for local moves: Hourly or Flat rate.

Hourly Rates – Your move is based on the actual time taken to complete your move.
The clock starts at your starting location, continues during travel to your new place, and ends once you have been completely unloaded at your new location.

This is typically offered for moves where a full, in-home survey was not available, or where details can vary. Sometimes, you aren’t sure what you’re going to be moving on moving day. Maybe you’re planning to sell some items beforehand but they didn’t sell, or you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to tackle disassembly or assembly on your own.¬†

Another example is apartment located on the 3rd floor with elevator access. What if the elevator can’t be reserved, or accidentally gets double booked, and the crew has to share the elevator with other residents or other movers? What if the elevator breaks down and they have to use the stairs? What if the only available parking is 300 Ft from the entrance of your building? Whenever there are expected variables, an hourly rate is offered.

Flat Rates – Your move is booked at a guaranteed price, based on the inventory and move details provided.

This is typically offered for moves where we have all the details in hand, and there are little to no expected variables on Moving Day. Our representative will complete a in-home survey, where they compile a thorough list of the items being moved, as well as the location details of your home (Ie: Driveway Access < 50 Ft to Door, 2 Stories + Basement with Outside Access, etc).

Moves Offered 24/7!

Ask about late evening or overnight scheduling!