About Cruz Moves

Stress-Free Moves Guaranteed

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About Cruz Moves

Stress-Free Moves Guaranteed

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We believe that every single move is a big deal. It’s writing the new chapter of your life. You’ll be making new memories in your new home. The home you’ve done research on and saved up for and set your heart on. The way you start your new journey should be with great care and excitement.

The Best Part?

Moving does not need to be stressful. Not one bit. With clarity, it can actually be a super simple, straightforward process. You probably think we sound crazy, but just call us. You’ll see.

Okay, So About Us…

We always knew we wanted to own our own business, but our ideas were more idealistic than realistic. We worked with different moving companies and went to college, and did various jobs.

It wasn’t until we had our first child, that we knew we had to stop talking about running a business, and take action. We bought a home, and moving was such an ordeal! But something clicked for us!

Moving was something that not only did we have extensive experience in, but it was something that we thought needed real change. Uprooting your life can be a really tedious endeavor, and can be really overwhelming. Our goal was just to make moving day as simple and easy as possible.

We focused on how we could streamline the estimate process, which was for us, the most uncomfortable and complicated part. Next, we focused on hiring the right people. We don’t have a big team yet, but we have a great one. Our guys care about doing a good job, and they take pride in what they do. It makes all the difference in the world.

The Rest is History…

Family-owned and operated, Cruz Moves has been focusing on local moves for years. Having grown from serving only the South Jersey area, to covering the entire state of NJ, Eastern PA, and Northern Delaware, we have been fortunate enough to have assisted thousands of families relocate and start anew.

Thousands of Moves Later…

Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how deeply humbled and appreciative we feel. When you guys call us and let us know about the great job the workers do, how informative and patient the office staff has been, or how smooth everything went, the joy and pride we feel is still to this day overwhelming. We are so thankful to everyone we have served, and it only goes to strengthen our resolve that:


We look forward to delivering that for you. 


Helping you cruise through moving day, that’s what we’re here for!

Moves Offered 24/7!

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